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"One of DADiSP's most useful aspects is its ability to display several analyses at once."

- Product Management Team, Fabreeka International
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Shock and Vibration Application Brief

Fabreeka International


Fabreeka's goal is to provide proven economic state of the art vibration control systems to the microscopy metrology and precision tool industries of the world.


Stoughton, MA

Vibration Control

The Problem

Control of vibration in a lab or production environment is vital when sensitive equipment is used. In the production of semiconductors, for example, unwanted vibration can result in defective products, and therefore can cause losses in time and revenues. For many years, the state of the art in vibration control involved putting a sensitive machine on cushions or springs that would absorb vibration. The leading edge of isolation technology these days, however, is to use electronic actuators -- electromechanical "shakers" -- to generate a force that will cancel incoming vibrations.

Vibration Control Systems

Fabreeka International is a company that uses this cutting-edge technology to provide vibration-control solutions for other companies that need to do delicate operations in manufacturing. Fabreeka's work involves measuring vibrations at potential installation sites for sensitive equipment, analyzing the measurements to guide their choice of vibration-control solutions, and finally installing vibration-control equipment at the chosen site.

Efficient Vibration Testing Required

Vibration control investigation requires extensive on-site measurement and several iterations of a testing cycle back at the lab to make certain that the cancellation of vibrations is dependable. Until recently, Fabreeka was accustomed to using vibration analyzers out at the site, and then bringing the data back to the lab and conducting the analysis in several time-consuming steps. Fabreeka's product management team needed to find a more efficient way to get their testing done in order to increase their level of service to customers.