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"DADiSP inspired everyone and produced radical shifts in thinking."

- Felix Grant, Scientific Computing World

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If you downloaded your 15 Day license of DADiSP, thank you!. You may fully enable your version permanently by activating your license with a registered password. Check the DADiSP 6.7 box and we will respond with your password and instructions for entering it, so you may continue to benefit from the powerful capabilities of DADiSP. We will also send you a complete DADiSP Distribution CD and manual set.

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DADiSP 6.7 Win64

Full commercial version of DADiSP. Unlimited data array size and up to 100 windows. High performance 64-bit Version for Win64 only.


DADiSP 6.7 Win32

Full commercial version of DADiSP. Unlimited data array size and up to 100 windows. Standard performance 32-bit version for Win64 or Win32.


DADiSP 6.7 Upgrade    

From DADiSP 6.5 Under Gold Support Free Download!
From DADiSP 6.5 Under Standard Support $525.00
From DADiSP 6.5 Without Support $745.00
Contact DSP if your version is prior to DADiSP 6.5.



Run MATLAB code directly from DADiSP.



Advanced DSP algorithms, including advanced DSP analysis, power spectral density estimation, digital interpolation, and cepstrum analysis.



Design, view, analyze and process data with FIR and IIR filters.



Accelerate FFT computations using the highly optimized Math Kernel Library from Intel.



Accelerate Matrix computations using LAPACK and the highly optimized Math Kernel Library from Intel.



Accelerate Vector Math computations using VML and the highly optimized Math Kernel Library from Intel.



Combines FFTXL, MatrixXL and VectorXL into one highly optimized and cost effective numeric processing engine.



Calculate the Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) from your acceleration time history data using multiple industry accepted methods.



Perform ANSI and IEC compatible 1/N fractional Octave analysis.


MAT File    

Import MATLAB MAT files.


Dataq File    

Import and Export Dataq files.


Neural Nets    

Build artificial neural nets (ANNs) and apply them to predictions and pattern classifications.



Control and transfer data from IEEE-488 instruments.



Compute statistical measures, calculate probabilities, and test hypotheses.



Design, analyze, and simulate discrete and continuous linear time invariant single input-single output (SISO) controllers.



Read, write, edit and play digital audio data from .WAV format files



Import COMTRADE IEEE C37.111 data files.



Import ISF, Tektronix Instrument Specific Files



Import SIF, SoMat Information Files.



Import PNRF, HBM Perception Native Recording Files.



Import and Exports National Instruments TDM/TDMS files.



Load DEWESoft data files.



Import and Export Universal File Format Data Files.



Import Yokogawa WVF Data Files.


ISO 2631    

Process acceleration data with ISO 2631 frequency weighting filters.



Process acceleration data with SAE J211 and ISO 6487 CFC filters.



Automatically import ASCII or binary data files directly into a DADiSP Labbook.


DADiSP Application Builder    

Embed DADiSP analytical and/or graphical functionality into your own stand-alone applications. Royalty free distribution.

Requires one DADiSP commercial license per developer.


PC Standard Support    

1 Year $630.00
2 Year $990.00
3 Year $1415.00
4 Year $1800.00
5 Year


PC Gold Support    

1 Year $880.00
2 Year $1350.00
3 Year $1945.00
4 Year $2475.00
5 Year


Unix Support    

1 Year $995.00
2 Year $1695.00
3 Year


DADiSP Printed Manuals    

User's Guide $39.95
Function Reference Manual $89.95
Developer's Guide


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** Alaska and Hawaii slightly higher
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