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"DADiSP inspired everyone and produced radical shifts in thinking."

- Felix Grant, Scientific Computing World
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DADiSP® Product Family and Services

DADiSP (pronounced day-disp) is a general purpose analytical tool for DADiSP Product Family scientists and engineers much like the spreadsheet is a tool for financial analysts. However, DADiSP replaces the rows-and-columns ledger format with a graphical interface that meets the technical user's needs for interactive visual analysis of large amounts of data.

A DADiSP Worksheet consists of a series of windows in which data is displayed and manipulated in a variety of graphical and tabular styles. And like a financial spreadsheet, a change to one window automatically updates all dependent windows.

Full Product Line

The DADiSP family of products is designed to meet a wide variety of needs, including academic studies, professional projects, re-distributable commercial applications, specialized training and custom development.

Commercial Products

Professional Version, unlimited data size, optimized processing speed and perpetual licensing.
A One Year License, cost effective solution for professionals who need to use DADiSP on a short-term or project basis.
DADiSP Browser
Display any worksheet, never expires and is completely free.
DADiSP Application Builder
A component form of DADiSP that allows you to embed DADiSP functionality into your own stand-alone applications.

Plug-In Modules

DADiSP Plug-In modules are available to extend the capability of DADiSP into application specific areas. Modules integrate seamlessly into the DADiSP environment and include a broad range of capabilities.

Signal Processing

Digital Filter Design and Analysis
Advanced Signal Processing
Neural Networks
Build artificial neural nets (ANNs) and apply them to predictions and pattern classifications
Design, analyze, and simulate discrete and continuous SISO controllers

Audio Processing

Read, Edit, Save and Play .WAV Audio Files

Optimized Numeric Computing

Accelerate Matrix Math
Accelerate Series Math
Accelerate FFT Computations
Combines FFTXL, MatrixXL and VectorXL into one highly optimized and cost effective numeric processing engine.


Statistical and Probability Measurement and Analysis

Test and Measurement

1/N Octave Analysis
Shock Response Spectrum
ISO 2631
ISO 2631 Frequency Weighting Filters
SAE J211 and ISO 6487 Channel Frequency Class Filters
Control and transfer data from IEEE-488 instruments

MATLAB Integration

Execute MATLAB Code directly from DADiSP
MAT File Import
Load MATLAB MAT files

Data File Import

Import COMTRADE (Common Format for Transient Data) Files
Stand-Alone Data Import Module
Import and Export Universal File Format Data Files
Dataq File Import
Import and Export Dataq files
WVF File Import
Load Yokogawa WVF/WDF files
Load Tektronix Instrument Specific Files
Import SIF (SoMat Information File) Data Files
Read PNRF (HBM Perception Native Recording Files)
Import and Export National Instruments TDM/TDMS (Technical Data Management Streaming) Data Files
Read DEWESoft data files

Professional Services

DADiSP custom development services and application specific training seminars deliver cost effective solutions to help you realize the full potential of DADiSP resulting in increased productivity and maximum return on investment.

Professional Services

DADiSP Training Seminars combine lectures and demonstrations with hands-on workshop sessions to give each student the opportunity to experiment and build knowledge and confidence in DADiSP.
Custom Development
With more than 25 years of industry experience, DSP Development Corporation can help you maximize the full potential of DADiSP and DADiSP modules.

Academic Products

With a strong tradition in the academic environment, DADiSP academic products help students gain essential engineering analytical skills and provide faculty with an effective teaching tool. Please contact us about information regarding our Academic Grant Programs and special academic pricing.

Academic Products

A free 9-windowed, menu-driven spreadsheet that accepts data series of up to 32768 points.
Student Professional
The Unlimited Student Edition of DADiSP including 3 Add-In Modules.

DADiSP is a registered trademark of DSP Development Corporation.