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"Before we used DADiSP, we were using a software package [that required us to go] through a process of manually analyzing data."

- Rick Goetzl, Montgomery Elevator
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Shock and Vibration Application Brief

Montgomery Elevator


The Montgomery Elevator Company designs and builds elevators, escalators, and power walks.


Moline, IL

Elevator Vibration

The Problem

Getting stuck in an elevator is a problem most people fear, and even more of us have experienced elevator rides that feel or sound unsafe. While an elevator in good working order runs efficiently enough to be ignored, one that isn't working right gets everyone's attention. It is the responsibility of Rick Goetzl of the Montgomery Elevator Company in Moline, Illinois to determine the condition of operating elevators and keep them running smoothly and anonymously. He prevents emergencies by tracking down small problems before they become big ones.

Tracking 3D Movements

Analyzing the movement of an elevator ride is a difficult operation because an elevator car moves from side to side and from front to back Elevator Diagram as well as up and down. The equipment used for recording data must allow for recording in three dimensions. It must also be able to pick up a large spectrum of vibrations from all the machinery involved, since odd noises at specific frequencies indicate specific mechanical problems.

Flexible Motion Analysis Software Required

As if these requirements weren't stringent enough, the entire recording setup must be small enough to fit into a carrying case. Data analysis software must interface smoothly with the acquisition equipment, and must be able to extract individual runs from a recording of thousands of data points. It must also be flexible enough to manipulate data in three dimensions and display graphs so that evaluations can be made of an elevator's overall motion.