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"We find data-swapping and comparison much easier with DADiSP..."

- Walt Stringham, Allied Signal/Bendix
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Shock and Vibration Application Brief

Allied Signal


Allied Signal/Bendix Automotive Systems designs and manufacturers automotive brake components and brake systems for passenger car, light truck, and medium truck applications.


South Bend, IN

Brake Vibration

The Problem

It's a foggy night, and there's ice on the road. You're doing 40 mph on the long road home, and your two-month-old son is asleep in the infant seat. Suddenly, out of the smoky blur in front of you, a deer crosses the road. You hit the brakes fast, and in the back of your mind you hope you won't skid and that your son will be all right. Time seems to stand still, and you hold your breath. The car halts so safely and smoothly that you don't hear or feel any strain. Your son remains peacefully asleep. You let your breath out, grateful that your brakes are so responsive and quiet, and get a good long look at the deer before it walks off into the darkness.

Noise & Vibration Test Software Required

Brake Testing Allied Signal/Bendix Automotive Systems is a worldwide organization that designs, develops, and manufactures brake components and complete brake systems for automobiles that make this safe and silent scenario possible. It was the responsibility of Walt Stringham to track down and resolve noise and vibration problems during the development phase of new products. In order to investigate these problems, it is necessary to analyze noise and vibration test data in three different mathematical domains, and to compare the results with analyses from other research departments. A software solution must be able to make data conversions easily, to store process data from one day to the next, and to be progammable by use of macros for specific situations.