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"DADiSP helps students to understand that their function is "to make conclusions on the acquired data and leave the ponderous activity of collecting data to the computers."

- Barry Shepherd, Pacific Marine Training Institute
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Data Acquisition Application Brief

Pacific Marine Training Institute


The Pacific Marine Training Institute is a Canadian government funded institution offering courses to the maritime industry.


North Vancouver, BC Canada

Marine Engineering

The Problem

Since there are many engineering tasks necessary to keeping a ship running, marine engineering, like other technical disciplines, has become highly automated and reliant on computers. Computer technology is now available to help marine engineers at sea, so today's marine training must include a good foundation in computer skills. PMTI, the Pacific Marine Training Institute in Vancouver, BC, is Western Canada's foremost nautical college. To prepare students for the increasing usage of computer systems aboard merchant vessels, the Institute offers several computer skills courses focusing on computer-aided drafting and data acquisition and analysis. Merchant Vessel Data Analysis

The Need for Expandability and Ease of Use

In designing a computer system for training students, two important considerations must be expandability and ease of use. A new system must be expandable because technology changes so rapidly that it is vital to invest in an expandable system from the start, and it must be easy to use because students and faculty need to be able to learn it in minimal time. Finally, and most importantly, the computer system must be current with the work environment to which students will go to after graduation.