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"DADiSP makes it possible for an engineer to hit the button to turn the program on at the end of the day, walk out of here, then come in the morning and find the work all done."

- Rich Bond, Ford Heavy Truck
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Automotive Application Brief

Ford Heavy Truck


The Department of Aerospace, Turbo Machinery Transfer Laboratory


Ford Heavy Truck Development ensures that high standards of quality control are maintained.


West Dearborn, MI

Engine Vibration

The Problem

Ford Heavy Truck Development in Dearborn, Michigan uses DADiSP for several everyday tasks to improve efficiency and productivity in the area of product development. Since Ford keeps data acquisition and analysis operations in separate departments, we asked Heavy Truck supervisor Rich Bond to describe how DADiSP helps make the "divide-and-conquer" approach to dealing with data both efficient and cost-effective. Ford Heavy Truck

Need For A General Purpose Tool

Rich Bond's engineers may be called upon to work on any component of a vehicle, or they may work on data taken on a complete Heavy Truck as it travels down a public highway. As such, a general purpose tool that can be set up to quickly accommodate the current job is required.