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"The hands-on approach to dynamic signal analysis can boost student confidence."

- Dr. Beyerlein, University of Idaho
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Data Acquisition Application Brief

University of Idaho


Mechanical Engineering Department


The primary goal of the Mechanical Engineering Department is to incorporate state of the art laboratory experiences into the undergraduate curriculum.


Moscow, ID


The Problem

Understanding the dynamic behavior of high technology products more and more often requires using time frames and quantities of data that can't be tackled manually. Determining the transient loading characteristics of an aircraft wheel strut during landing, for instance, requires measurements to be taken every millisecond for several seconds, a task impossible to undertake by hand.

Software for Students and Professionals

Today's engineers need to be able to acquire and analyze data using complex hardware and software systems designed for high-speed, PC Data Acquisition high-volume work. Today's engineering students need to be prepared for a future in which they will rely on computers for data acquisition and analysis. Developing a course plan that will prepare students to solve problems like this one is a tall order. A wise professor will want to choose software tools that students can use both in school and in their future professional lives. Professors Beyerlein, Budwig, and Anderson at the Engineering department of the University of Idaho found themselves faced with just this problem some years ago.