DADiSP Worksheet SPL Routines


DADiSP includes numerous SPL files to assist you in your work. These SPL files are text files that contain helpful functions you can use in a DADiSP Worksheet. All SPL functions are documented within the files. The SPL files are stored in the SPL subdirectory. To use an SPL function, just type in the name or explicitly load the file with the SPLLOAD command. For help on any SPL function, type:


 help funname


Where funname is the name of the routine you are interested in. For example, to obtain documentation on the REPLACE function, type:


 help replace


To view the source code for an SPL routine, use the view command. For example:


 view replace


SPL Directory - Contains over one hundred prewritten SPL functions. Routines include array construction, image processing, FFT functions, file I/O, utility functions and more.