DADiSP Worksheet Macros

DADiSP includes following macro files. These macro files are ASCII files containing helpful macros that you can use in a DADiSP Worksheet. All macros are documented within the files. The macro files are stored in the macros subdirectory. Use MACREAD or DSPMACREAD to read in a macro file.

3DPLOT.MAC - Contains macros for 3-D plotting, including waterfall spectral plots; x-y grids; and sombrero.


BITS.MAC - Contains macros for bit and radix math: extract individual bits, decimal digits, and non-decimal digits; convert between signed and unsigned integers; convert among octal, decimal, and hex digits, and bytes, 16-bit integers, and 32-bit integers; byte-float conversion; and byte folding.


CURSOR.MAC - Contains macros for series extraction, zooming, and point extraction using the cursors.


FIND.MAC - Contains macros for finding values that meet conditions and finding series embedded within other series.


FREQ.MAC - Contains FFT-related macros, including: frequency domain macros for convolution and correlation; time and frequency domain macros for spectral density and coherence; group delay; FFT padding; and two-dimensional FFTs.


LOOP.MAC - Contains macros for general looping operations.


MATRIX.MAC - Contains macros for elementary matrix operations; computation of row, column, and overall matrix statistics; generation of Toeplitz and Vandermonde matrices; and reshaping matrices.


MISC.MAC - Contains miscellaneous macros for quantization; complex series; precision; conditionals; and file output.


PEAK.MAC - Contains macros for peak analysis.


POLARPLT.MAC - Contains macros for performing Polar plot display and area calculations.


SERIES.MAC - Contains macros for elementary series operations; converting between indices and x-values; extracting points based on x-values; computation of products and moduli; generation of straight lines; wrapping series right or left; embedding series or constants within series.


STRING.MAC - Contains macros for converting strings and ASCII codes.


TIMEDATE.MAC - Contains macros for converting times and dates between various formats.


WINDOW.MAC - Contains macros to generate and multiply series with a Blackman window and a flattop window.


XYSERIES.MAC - Contains macros for regression, binning and area of x-y series.