DADiSP User Guide
DADiSP Developer's Guide
    Chapter 1: Customizing DADiSP
    Chapter 2: SPL
    Chapter 3: Macros
    Chapter 4: Menus
    Chapter 5: Command Files
    Chapter 6: External Communication
    Appendix A: SPL Reference Guide
       SPL Reference
       SPL Statements
       Increment and Decrement Operators
       Arithmetic Operators
       Bit Operators
       Relational Operators
       Matrix Operators
       Assignment Operators
       Control Flow
       Iterative Statements
       Labeled Statements
       Jump Statements
       User-defined Functions
       Standard Variables
       Hot Variables
       Multiple Return Values
       Variable Input Arguments
       SPL Series and Arrays
       SPL Macro Preprocessor
       Parameter Passing