DADiSP User Guide
DADiSP Developer's Guide
    Chapter 1: Customizing DADiSP
    Chapter 2: SPL
    Chapter 3: Macros
    Chapter 4: Menus
    Chapter 5: Command Files
    Chapter 6: External Communication
       Communicating with Other Programs
       Using the DADiSP Pipeline
       Executing the RUN Command
       UNIX Pipes
       ActiveX Automation
       DADiSP Automation Methods
       Calling DADiSP from C++
       DADiSP as an Automation Client
       Using DDE-Dynamic Data Exchange
       Enabling DDE
       Using Copy/Paste Link Functionality
       Using DDE Functions
       Invoking DDE Functions
       Opening a DDE Channel
       Receiving Data from an Application
       Sending Data to an Application
       Executing Commands in an Application
       Ending a DDE Conversation
       DDE Advise Loops - Automatic Data Transfer
       Using DADiSP as a DDE Server
       DDE Technical Specifications
    Appendix A: SPL Reference Guide