DADiSP User Guide
DADiSP Developer's Guide
    Chapter 1: Customizing DADiSP
    Chapter 2: SPL
    Chapter 3: Macros
    Chapter 4: Menus
    Chapter 5: Command Files
       Working with DADiSP Command Files
       Creating Command Files
       Elements of a Command File
       Comments in Command Files
       Loading Command Files
       Starting DADiSP with a Command File
       Invoking Command Files During a Session
       Command File Keystrokes and Functions
       Special Command File Keystrokes
       Special Command File Functions
       User Interaction with Command Files
       Messages During Command File Execution
       Messages on the Status Line
       Pop-up Text Boxes
       GUI Message Boxes
       Accepting User Input
       The INPUT Function
       Menu Panels and Dialog Boxes
       Command File Control and Branching
       Running DADiSP as an Icon
       Command File Examples
    Chapter 6: External Communication
    Appendix A: SPL Reference Guide