DADiSP User Guide
DADiSP Developer's Guide
    Chapter 1: Customizing DADiSP
    Chapter 2: SPL
       SPL: DADiSP's Series Processing Language
       Getting Started
       A Closer Look
       SPL Variables
       Defining Variables
       Deleting Variables
       Viewing a List of Variables
       Multiple Return Values
       SPL Series and Arrays
       Complex Numbers
       SPL Operators
       Relational Operators
       Bit Operators
       Matrix Operators
       Increment and Decrement Operators
       Assignment Operators
       Statements and Blocks
       Conditional Statements
       Loop Start Index
       A Note on Looping
       SPL Column Iteration
       Forcing a Series Result
       SPL Hot Variables
       Assigning Window Formulae
       SPL Pointers
       SPL Macro Preprocessor
       Automatic Help
       More on SPL Functions
       Call by Value
       Recursive Functions
       Static Functions
       Optional Function Arguments
       Variable Function Arguments
       Avoiding Macro Conflicts
       Nonlocal Variables
       SPL Error Handlers
       Compiling SPL Functions
       SPL Error Files
       Automatic Loading of SPL Functions
       Using the SPLMAIN Function
       Listing SPL Functions
       Writing SPL Functions to an ASCII File
       Summary of SPL Commands
    Chapter 3: Macros
    Chapter 4: Menus
    Chapter 5: Command Files
    Chapter 6: External Communication
    Appendix A: SPL Reference Guide