Chapter Three:

Displaying Worksheet Data


Selecting Graph Styles

 Overplotting and Overlaying

  The OVERPLOT command

  The OVERLAY Command

  Inherited Display Characteristics

Setting Worksheet Colors

 DADiSP's Default Color Settings

 Setting Window Colors

 Adding Colors

  Editing the palette.mac File on a PC

  Editing the palette.mac File on a UNIX Workstation

 Basic Color Functions

Adding Text and Line Annotations

 Annotating with the Drawing Pull-down Menu

 Creating Legends

  Creating and Editing Text and Legends

  Creating Line Annotations

 Creating Annotations from the Command Line

  Functions Used to Create, Delete, Edit, and Move Text

  Functions Used to Create, Delete, Edit, and Move Lines

Setting Fonts

Using Point-by-point Data Cursors

 Displaying a Cursor

 Displaying Two Cursors

 Vertical Cursors

Viewing Data

 Viewing Simple Plots in Two Dimensions

  Default 2-D Graph

  The Tabular View

 XY Graphs

  The XYINTERP Function

  The XVALS and YVALS functions

  Log-Log Plots

 3-D and 4-D Plots

  Waterfall Plots

  Contour Plots

  Density Plots

  Adding a Fourth Dimension with Shading

Specifying Units

 Internally Defined Units

 User-Defined Units

 Setting Units

 Displaying Units