Chapter One:

Getting Started


Welcome to DADiSP

About This User Manual

Product Package Contents

DADiSP Licensing Agreement

Customer Registration

Technical Support and Software Upgrades

Installing DADiSP

Installation Instructions

Running DADiSP

Getting Familiar with the DADiSP Screen

  Top Level Menu Bar

  Command Line


 Windows and Window Numbers

 Status Bar

Understanding DADiSP's Organization



  Worksheet Windows

  Data Series and Data Tables


Navigating the Pull-down Menus

  Using Hot Keys to Open Pull-down Menus

  The File Pull-down Menu



    Save and Save As



    Print Setup, Print Preview, Print

    Change Directory


 The Edit Pull-down Menu



    Copy from Window

    Paste to Window

    Paste Link

    Copy from Worksheet

    Copy from Editor

    Paste to Editor

  The Data Pull-down Menu

    Generate Data


    Header File

    Read ASCII

    Read Binary


    Write ASCII

    Write Binary

 The Analysis Pull-Down Menu

    Data Reduction







    Complex Conversions



    Image Processing

    Matrix Math

    Peaks and Valleys

 The View Pull-Down Menu








    Data Settings



    Load and Overlay

    Remove 1 and Remove All Overplot/Overlay


 The Drawing Pull-down Menu

    Text Annotations

    Line Annotations


 The Tools Pull-down Menu




    Command Files

    View Text File






The Window Pull-down Menu

    Add and Remove

    Clear Window

    Clear Data

    Hide Window


    Display All









 The Help Pull down Menu

 Getting Help

 Running the DADiSP Demo