Training Seminars

After an evaluation process, you chose DADiSP. You have a basic understanding of how to access Worksheets with the easy to use pull-down menus. You have the documentation set on your desk. You're just beginning to sink your teeth into your project and get the results you've been waiting you have the knowledge you need to get the most out of DADiSP and its family of modules NOW?


You made an investment in software, hardware, and human resources. Your return on this investment is directly related to how quickly you become adept at using DADiSP for your analysis tasks. The quicker you learn DADiSP, the quicker the benefits will be realized.


DADiSP Training Seminars combine lectures and demonstrations with hands-on workshop sessions to give each student the opportunity to experiment and build knowledge and confidence in DADiSP. Attendees work on sample problems or their own applications during the practice sessions. Questions are encouraged throughout the course. Full materials and course workbooks are provided.


The course instructors are technical professionals, trained engineers, and scientists, who are experts in DADiSP. They have accumulated years of experience solving problems and developing tools for applications like yours. They have worked with thousands of customers on a wide variety of problems.


DSP Development offers training classes at DSP Development Corporation’s corporate headquarters in Massachusetts. DiSP training classes may also be arranged at your company site with special emphasis placed on those topics you need most. We will work with you to coordinate your staff and schedule the seminar at your convenience.


To inquire about DADiSP Training Seminars at DSP Development, or to arrange an on-site training class, contact your sales representative at DSP Development Corporation : (800) 424-3131


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