Annotating the Window and Worksheet

Text annotations can be placed anywhere in the worksheet. There are five different coordinate systems for placing text: PAPER, GLASS, WIN_MARGIN, WP_MARGIN, and WS_MARGIN. Text placed on the PAPER are placed in the coordinate system of the data, that is, they "stick" with the plotted graph and move with the data. The other targets are variations of GLASS coordinates, in that they are normalized to particular rectangular regions of the worksheet and the text "sticks" to the window like the frame lines in a camera viewer.


See TEXT for the definitions of the rectangular regions.


Use Drawing > Text Annotations > Settings to select the type of text you want to place. For this example, we will place a title above the Window, so select WS_MARGIN for the target position.


Now, display only W3. Then, use the mouse to resize the window so that there is some blank space at the top of the worksheet. Select Drawing > Text Annotations > Add, and input the text. Once entered, the text can be moved anywhere in the worksheet.