Printing Using the File Menu

The File menu offers you three options to assist you in printing your DADiSP Worksheet and Windows: Print Setup, Print Preview, and Print.


To select/configure your printing options, choose File > Print Setup.


To preview what the printed output will look like, choose File > Print Preview. There are three options: Window, Worksheet, and All Windows. Preview displays an the screen what will be sent to the printer. Click the right mouse button or the ESC key to return to the Worksheet. Note that


Tools > Configuration > Printing Options


enables or disables a variety of printing elements. See the discussion above on Setting Printing and Screen Elements, or the PRINTOPT command for more information.


Print Preview has three options: Window, Worksheet, and All Windows. Preview > Window previews the current Window. Preview > Worksheet will view the Worksheet as it is currently displayed, as it will go to the printer for a 1-page printout. Preview > All Windows previews each Window will be displayed one at a time in preview mode. Click the left mouse button or hit the spacebar to advance from one window to the next.


To print a Window, Worksheet, or all the Windows in the Worksheet, select


File > Print