PostScript Printing

DADiSP allows you to create PostScript output files of one Window, all Windows, or the Worksheet. There are three functions for PostScript printing, all of which are described in detail in the DADiSP Function Reference Manual.






Creates an encapsulated PostScript file of the current Window


Creates an encapsulated PostScript file of all Windows (one per page) in the current Worksheet


Creates an encapsulated PostScript file of the Worksheet (on one page) as it is currently displayed.



A PostScript file contains a list of commands that print the Window(s) on a PostScript printer. Several third-party packages can also read PostScript files. This is useful when embarking upon a desktop publishing project.


A simple and effective alternative is specify a PostScript or PDF print driver with the File > Print Setup option. These drivers allow DADiSP to create a PDF document in the same manner as printing to a printer. Printing functions are automatically mapped into PostScript functions to produce high quality output.