Notes on Printing from WINDOWS


DADiSP uses the default printer specified by selecting File > Print Setup. Selecting File > Print Setup  invokes a dialog box with options to specify the printer, the page orientation, and the paper size. The default PRT_X and PRT_Y parameters are set for a full page in Landscape orientation. If you prefer Portrait mode, then be sure to reduce the PRT_X and PRT_Y parameters to fit within the new margins. The Options button provides access to other items supported by the printer driver such as the ability to send the printout to an Encapsulated PostScript File, and to set margins and scaling.


Paste Windows and Worksheets into documents using the Edit pull-down menu. Set the desired screen and printing options through Tools > Configuration > Screen Elements;set the desired printing options through Tools > Configuration > Printing Elements. Then select Edit > Copy from Window or Edit > Copy from Worksheet. DADiSP will place both the bitmap and the picture onto the Clipboard. Switch to the document, select Edit > Paste Special and choose either the bitmap option or the picture option.


The bitmap option pastes the contents of the Clipboard into the document as a bitmap picture. Bitmaps may require more memory, but fully represent exactly what is displayed on the screen.


The picture option pastes the contents of the Clipboard into the document as a metafile picture. This format offers higher resolution than the bitmap format for printing to high quality printers. Note that changes made to the screen elements affect the bitmap, while the changes made to the printing elements affect the picture.