Using the Load Button

If you have a separate header file which contains DADiSP Import Keywords for the import of your data file, use the Load button in the Import Data dialog box. Click on the Load button. A dialog box opens.


The File Name box lists all the files in the current directory. If you want to locate files with a particular extension (e.g. *.HED), click in the File Name box and type the file type. The Directories box shows all the directories as a directory tree. It defaults to your current directory. To switch among directories, double click on the icons. To switch to another disk drive, select the drive in the Drives box.


When you find the header file which is associated with the data file you want to import, double click on the file name, or click once on the name to select it, then click the OK button. This will return you to the Import Data dialog box. Some of the changes from import keywords in the Header file will appear in the dialog box. Do not attempt to edit them at this time. DADiSP has loaded the external header file, and will use the parameters in the header file for the import. If you want to change any of the parameters in the header file, you should edit that file separately in an ASCII header file, and then load it.


Press the OK button to proceed with import.