Reading and Writing Data

DADiSP provides several functions for reading and writing data directly to and from a Window. These functions are accessible from the Data pull-down menu and the Worksheet command line.


The functions used to read data into a Window are:



Read an ASCII (text) series


Read a Binary series


Read a multi-channel Binary series


Read an ASCII (text) table



The functions to write data from a Window directly to disk are:



Write an ASCII (text) series


Write a Binary series


Write an ASCII (text) table


These functions allow you to quickly read and write data to/from a Worksheet. However, the READ and WRITE functions do not support any header information (e.g. units, sampling rate, etc.); data read with the READ functions saved is not as a DADiSP Dataset or Series. Data read into a Worksheet in this manner can be saved as a DADiSP series by using SAVESERIES, or the File, Save As option from the pull-down menus.