Importing Channels Individually


To import a single channel of data from a multi-channel data file:


  1. Select Data from the pull-down menu bar, and choose Import.

  2. Choose the data filename you want to import and click OK.

  3. Edit the default import header.

  4. Use the Advanced Button to specify the Column to Import, Offset, and Number of Points.

  5. Click OK.


To import other channels from the multi-channel file, repeat Steps 1 - 4 for each channel in the data file to import.

The above steps are described in detail in the sections that follow.


After selecting Data from the pull-down menu bar and choosing Import, a dialog box opens.


The File Name box lists all the files in the current directory. If you want to locate files with a particular extension (e.g. *.DAT), click in the File Name box and type the file type. The Directories box shows all the directories as a directory tree. It defaults to your current directory. To switch among directories, double click on the icons. To switch to another disk drive, select the drive in the Drives box.


When you find the data file you want to import, double click on the file name, or click once on the name to select it, then click the OK button. The Import Data dialog box, which contains the default import header, will appear. There are a number of parameters which you can set, each of which has a default value displayed.