Importing All or Multiple Channels in One Step


If you want to import all (or multiple) channels from the data file in one step, you will need to create a DADiSP header file, and indicate those columns which you are interested in importing. The header file will also contain information such as the sampling rate, units, and Series name. Once you have created a header file, you are ready to import.


To Import All or Multiple Channels from a Multi-Channel Data File:


  1. Select Header File, New Header from the Data pull-down menu and create a DADiSP Import Header File.

  2. Select Data from the top-level menu bar, and choose Import.

  3. Choose the data filename which you want to import, and click OK.

  4. The Import Data dialog box with the default import header will appear. DO NOT EDIT THIS. You want to use the LOAD button.

  5. Use the Load Button to Load the Import Header File.

  6. Choose the header filename from the list, and click OK.

  7. Click OK to import.


Each of the steps in the import process are described below, and some multi-channel import examples are included at the end of this section.