Exporting Data from DADiSP Datasets

Datasets are DADiSP's proprietary data management system. Datasets provide users with a means of importing and exporting data to/from DADiSP. A Dataset contains one or more Series. Each channel, series, or signal imported into DADiSP is stored within a Dataset, and is referred to by its DATASET.VERSION.SERIES name.


DADiSP's export facility allows you to export a DADiSP Series to any file that is: ASCII, 8-bit Byte, 16-bit Integer, IEEE 32-bit Floating Point, or IEEE 64-bit Double Precision format. The header can be included in the export data file, or exported separately. Exporting the data with a DADiSP header included in the file simplifies the import process.


Each Series in the Dataset must be exported separately.


  1. Select Data from the pull-down menu bar. Choose Export. A dialog box appears.

  2. The dialog box lists all the Datasets in the current Labbook. If you want to export a Series from a different Labbook, you must Open that Labbook first.

  3. Select the Dataset, and click the OK button. Another dialog box will appear with the list of Series in that Dataset. Select the Series you want to export and click the OK button.

  4. The Select Export File dialog box will now appear. The File Name box lists all the files in the current directory. The Directories box shows all the directories as a directory tree. It defaults to your current directory. To switch among directories, double click on the icons. To switch to another disk drive, select the drive in the Drives box.

  5. Select the location (drive and directory) of the export file, and type a name into the File Name box. Then click the OK button.

  6. The Export Data dialog box will appear. Select the File Type for the export data (see the section above on Editing the Default Import Header for a description of the File Types and ranges). You have the option of exporting the data with or without a DADiSP header attached, as well as the option of exporting just the DADiSP header. Select the appropriate Output Mode and click OK.


Once you click the OK button, DADiSP will export the Series to the Output Filename you have indicated.