Data Skipping

Number of Bytes/Lines to Skip Before Importing

A positive integer value specifying how many bytes or lines to skip before reading data. If the data file is ASCII, then FILE_OFFSET specifies the number of lines to skip. For binary data files, use in conjunction with OFFSET_UNITS to specify if the offset is lines, bytes, or number of data points. Defaults to 0.


Specify method for FILE_OFFSET

Argument to specify FILE_OFFSET into the file: LINE, BYTE, POINT (per FILE_TYPE). LINE specifies that the FILE_OFFSET is by lines, BYTE specifies that the FILE_OFFSET is by absolute byte count, and POINT specifies that the FILE_OFFSET is by point count where the bytes per point are specified by FILE_TYPE (e.g. if FILE_TYPE is INTEGER, and OFFSET_UNITS is POINT, then FILE_OFFSET of 10 would actually offset 20 bytes into the file before reading data). Defaults to LINE for ASCII files, and BYTE for binary files.


Bytes or Values to Skip Between Points

A positive integer specifying the number of bytes to skip between sample points. Defaults to 0.