Configuration Options

Reset to Defaults:

Check this box to reset the importing parameters to their default settings before each import. If checked, the following parameters are reset: NUM_COLUMNS 1, FILE_TYPE ASCII, VERSION Next, RATE 1.0, OFFSET 0, BYTESWAP 0, VERT_UNITS Unspecified, HORZ_UNITS Sec.

Silent Mode:

Check this box to disable any error messages from being displayed on the Status line during import.

Skip Header:

Check this box to have DADiSP move to the line or byte specified in the File Offset parameter, and begin importing without attempting to read the header in the data file.

Note that not all of DADiSP's keywords are available in the default import header. If this is the case, then you will need to create a separate ASCII file for your header. See the sections below on Creating a DADiSP Header File and Using the Load Button.