Setting Units

Set the units of a series during import or from inside a Worksheet Window using the Data Settings option from the View pull-down menu.


Two functions govern unit-setting in DADiSP: SETVUNITS for setting the vertical y-axis units, and SETHUNITS for setting the horizontal x-axis units. These functions set both internally-defined and user defined units.


SETVUNITS supports user-defined units. To do this, simply type SETVUNITS at the command line. As a parameter, it takes a string of up to 15 characters enclosed in quotes, which represents the new name of the unit. For example:





DADiSP understands both a unit's long name or abbreviation. Both examples below set the vertical units in the current Window to the internal unit Amps:





When you change the units in one Window, DADiSP changes them in all the Window formulas that depend on the altered Window as well.