Inherited Display Characteristics

In DADiSP, data series possess attributes such as plotting style, line type, and symbol type. In general, a series keeps its attributes when you overplot or overlay it onto another series. As an example, if W1 contains a line graph and W2 contains a bar chart, and you type in W3:


w1; overlay(w2)


you will see a line graph of W1 overlaid with a bar chart from W2, as expected.

However, if you had set the original series set to a specific display type, such as bars, the overplotted data would inherit the attributes from the Window.


For example, if you type:


w1; lines


in W4, and then type:




both data series will appear as line graphs.

If necessary, the default inheritance of styles can be overridden with two DADiSP functions.


Use the INHERSTYLE function to determine whether a Window inherits its display attributes from the data plotted within it.


Use the INHWINSTYLE function to designate whether a data series inherits its display attributes from the Window.