Displaying Two Cursors

With two cursors enabled, DADiSP displays the delta-x and delta-y values for the cursors. To display a second cursor:


  1. With only one cursor displayed, click on the left mouse button to "freeze" the cursor in its last position.

  2. Press the cursor button on the toolbar or [F9] a second time; another crosshair cursor appears in the Window. With two cursors present, pressing the cursor button or [F9] toggles you back and forth between the two cursors.

  3. To remove the cursors, press [Esc]. If the first cursor is active, pressing the [Esc] key removes both cursors; if the second cursor is active, pressing the [Esc] key removes only the second cursor.


For information on special point-location commands that you can issue on the Worksheet command line, please refer to the CURPOS, CURMOVE, CURNMOVE, CURPUT, and CURNPUT commands in the DADiSP Function Reference Manual.