Creating Legends

Legends are text annotations that can be moved, edited, or deleted.


To add a legend to a Window, select Legends, Add from the Drawing pull-down menu. A crosshair cursor will appear in the Window. Move the cursor to the desired location and click the left mouse button.


The series' comment is used as the default text for the legend. Use COMMENT to set the series comment, either before or after creating the legend, and the new comment will appear in the legend. You can also use Legend, Edit to edit the text in the legend.


Legends can be placed anywhere within a Window or within the Window margins. Unlike plain text annotations and line annotations, they cannot be placed in the Worksheet margin.


Select Legends, Settings from the Drawing pull-down menu. You can choose the target or position, font, whether it is surrounded by a box, and whether or not a Window margin will adjust to fit the text into the margin.


Once you set the attributes for your legends, they will remain the defaults when you Legends, Add from the Drawing pull-down menu until you either set new attributes through the Legend, Settings option, or restart DADiSP.