Adding a Line Annotation

  1. Select the Window in which you want to add line annotations.

  2. Under the Drawing pull-down, select Line Annotations, Add. DADiSP displays a crosshair cursor in the Window.

  3. Move the crosshair cursor with the mouse or the arrow keys.

  4. "Anchor" the crosshair cursor in the Window by clicking with the left mouse button or by pressing [Enter]. This tells DADiSP where you want the line to begin.

  5. To draw a line segment from the original anchor point to the new location, move the cursor to the second point of the line and click the left mouse button or press[Enter].

  6. Successive cursor moves, followed by clicking on the left mouse button or pressing [Enter], leave a trail of connected line segments. Press the [End] key or the middle mouse button at any time to drop a new anchor without connecting a line from the prior position.


To exit from Line Annotation mode, press [Esc] or click the right mouse button.