Adding Text and Line Annotations

Any DADiSP Window can be annotated with free form text and lines. Annotations can greatly increase the visual effectiveness of your Worksheet. In addition, text annotations can contain calculated values that are updated automatically with the Window. Annotations may be added via the Drawing pull-down menu or the command line.


Annotating with the Drawing Pull-down Menu

Under the Drawing pull-down menu, you'll find everything you need to add, move, copy, edit, and delete text and line annotations.


By default, DADiSP displays the text in the same color as the data series in the Window and the text is attached to the "graph paper" of the Window, i.e., the text is placed in the coordinate system of the data and scrolls along with the data series.


Text can be placed anywhere in the Worksheet: within a Window, within the Window margins, or in the Worksheet margins (i.e. any 'white space' left outside of Windows). Note that you can resize Windows to provide lots of space in the Worksheet to annotate with Headers, Footers, etc..


Select Text Annotations, Settings from the Drawing pull-down menu. You can choose the text color, target or position, font, whether it is surrounded by a box, whether it is enclosed in an area which is 'stretched to fit' for justification purposes, and whether or not a Window margin will adjust to fit the text into the margin.


Once you set the attributes for your annotations, they will remain the defaults when you access Text Annotations, Add from the Drawing pull-down menu until you either set new attributes through the Text Annotations, Settings option, or restart DADiSP.