The Mouse

The mouse is an integral tool for maneuvering around DADiSP. You can use it to do everything that the arrow keys do. Take advantage of its speed in accessing pull-down and pop-up menus.


Keyboard Equivalents

Unless your mouse has a personalized configuration, the mouse buttons have the following keyboard equivalents.


Mouse Button

Equivalent Key


[Enter] Key


[End] Key


[ESC] Key


Get a feel for how the mouse moves: Click on a Window to select it; click on another Window and it becomes selected.


Note: Your mouse may only have left and right buttons, or the middle button may not be activated by your mouse driver. This will not be a problem.


The Right Mouse Button, or "Escape"

The Escape button is widely used in DADiSP. Clicking the right mouse button will unzoom a Window, cancel a pop-up menu, and in certain cases, cancel out of a procedure.