Selecting and Activating a Window

Click to "Stick"

To "stick" the cursor on a specific Window, or select a Window, click underneath the formula line of the Window you wish to select. To unselect it, click anywhere on another Window.


Click Again to Activate

By clicking the left mouse button a second time, you have activated the Window. Notice that the entire window formula is highlighted. You are now "inside" that Window, and can scroll, zoom, expand, compress, and cursor around the Window.


A Window must contain data before it can be activated. If a Window does not contain data and you attempt to activate it, DADiSP queries you if you would like to enter data into the Window manually. Press [N] for no or [Y] for yes.


Use the escape key or right mouse button to de-activate an active Window.


Click Yet Again to Zoom

Once a Window has been activated, one mouse click on that Window will zoom the Window to about 80% of the DADiSP application Window. Click on the right mouse button to unzoom and deactivate the Window.