Ultimately, all information in DADiSP is stored in a Labbook. DADiSP Labbooks are composed of:


  1. Worksheets, which contain visual "pages", analytics, macros, and data that were in the Worksheet when it was last saved.

  2. Datasets, which are composed of groups of related data series.


DADiSP allows you to work with only one Labbook at a time, so plan to keep all related data in the same Labbook. Each DADiSP Labbook is stored as an operating system directory within your DADiSP work area. The directory names at the operating system level are the same as Labbook names that you define in DADiSP.

Caution: Avoid tampering with files created and managed by DADiSP. Any file alteration not performed by DADiSP can destroy the contents of your Labbooks or disable the program. Never change directories into a DADiSP Labbook when outside of DADiSP.