Installing DADiSP

Unless a special site license has been granted, the DADiSP Worksheet software package is licensed only for your personal and business use.



To run DADiSP under Windows, you must have a minimum hardware/software configuration of:


  1. An Intel compatible, Pentium class (or better) machine equipped with: 512MB RAM, a minimum of 130 MB of available hard drive storage space.

  2. Microsoft Windows


UNIX/VMS Workstations

To run DADiSP on a legacy workstation, you must have a minimum hardware/software configuration of:


 * Concurrent with RTU and X11 Windows

 * DEC Alpha with OpenVMS or OSF/1

 * DECstation with ULTRIX and DECwindows or Motif

 * HP Series with HPUX and X11 Windows

 * HP-Apollo Series with Domain OS and X11 Windows

 * IBM RS/6000 with AIX and X11 Windows

 * NeXT Computer with UNIX and NeXTStep

 * Silicon Graphics Personal Indigo or IRIS with IRIX

 * Sun Sparcstation with SunOS and OpenWindows

 * VAXstation with VMS and DECwindows or Motif


DADiSP supports a variety of legacy systems, such as X11, Motif, and NeXTStep. DADiSP works with all windowing systems available for these graphical systems. For example, on a Sun workstation running the X Window System, you can use either the OpenLook or Motif windowing system with DADiSP.


Note: All licenses require software authorization codes from DSP Development Corporation. See the installation notes that are shipped with your software for more information.