Data Series and Data Tables

DADiSP data series can be raw data from virtually any external data source, the plotted results of processed data, or series generated in a Worksheet.

DADiSP data tables are treated by DADiSP as an array of series. That is, each column of a table can be thought of as a data series. Tables may only be saved within a Worksheet, or , if they are unravelled using the UNRAVEL function, as a single column series.

DADiSP allows up to 100,000 series to be saved in a Labbook (this limit includes series stored within Worksheets and Datasets).

DADiSP can handle data series that are far larger than the available system memory. DADiSP uses available disk space as if it were system memory to create the transparent effect of having as much RAM as you need. DADiSP can therefore handle extremely long data series with the same ease that it handles shorter ones. Keep in mind, though, that processing a long series can be time consuming; due to hardware limitations, accessing disk rather than system memory is a relatively slow process. For more information on memory usage, see DADiSP Memory Usage.