Using the DADiSP Pipeline


The DADiSP Pipeline allows you to run external software programs from within a DADiSP Worksheet. These external programs can be written in any language and can serve almost any purpose.


The DADiSP Pipeline enhances DADiSP's capabilities and flexibility. For example, you can use the Pipeline to fetch data without leaving a DADiSP Worksheet. When the program terminates, you can import the acquired data directly into a Worksheet Window. You can also combine the DADiSP Pipeline and a simple command file to export data from a DADiSP analysis Window to an external file. The same command file can then execute a program to operate on the series and read the processed data back into DADiSP.


As you can see, the DADiSP Pipeline gives you a great amount of flexibility simply by allowing you to run your own programs through DADiSP.