Using DDE—Dynamic Data Exchange


Dynamic data exchange (DDE) is a method of exchanging data between multiple applications. One application sends data to a memory location that other applications access. A DDE application can function as a "client" that generally requests data or a "server" that generally provides data. DADiSP operates as both a DDE client and server. Although the functionality of DDE has largely been replaced by ActiveX, DDE still represents a useful technology for transferring data between applications.


When DADiSP acts as a DDE client, you can use DADiSP's built in DDE functions to:


  1. Start another application

  2. Send data to another application

  3. Manually retrieve data from another application

  4. Automatically retrieve data from another application when the data changes

  5. Execute commands in another application


Because DADiSP is also a DDE server, other applications can perform or request the same actions of DADiSP.