Using Copy/Paste Link Functionality


The Copy/Paste Link menus provide a simple method of automatically exchanging data between DADiSP and other applications. The data to be transferred is simply "copied" by means of the Edit/Copy menu. The receiving application establishes the DDE link with the Edit/Paste Link menu. For example, to transfer the data from Window 1 of DADiSP into the first column of Excel:


  1. In DADiSP, select W1

  2. Use the Edit/Copy from Window menu option

  3. In Excel, select cell A1

  4. Use the Edit/Paste Link menu option


Each time the data in W1 changes, Excel automatically receives the updated data. Data can also be transferred to DADiSP. For example, to transfer a range of cells from Excel into a DADiSP Window:


  1. In Excel, select the range of cells to copy

  2. Use the Edit/Copy menu option

  3. In DADiSP, select Window 2

  4. Use the Edit/Paste Link menu option


If any cell within the selected range of cells in Excel changes, the entire range of data is automatically transferred to W2 in DADiSP. DADiSP automatically appends the new data to the existing data.