Special Command File Keystrokes


The following is a list of special characters that represent non-standard keystrokes in DADiSP command files.





Backspace Key


Cancel Button in Dialog Boxes


Control-Down Arrow Key


Control-End Key


Control-Home Key


Control-Left Arrow Key


Control-Page Down Key


Control-Page Up Key


Control- Up Key


Carriage Return ([Enter])


Delete Key


Down Arrow Key


End Key


Escape Key


F1 Function Key


F2 Function Key


F3 Function Key


F4 Function Key


F5 Function Key


F6 Function Key


F7 Function Key


F8 Function Key


F9 Function Key


F10 Function Key


Home Key


Insert Key


Left Arrow Key


Tab or 'Next Field' Character for Dialog Boxes


OK Button in Dialog Boxes


Page Down Key


Page Up Key


Right Arrow Key




Tab Key


Up Arrow Key