Comments in Command Files


As you write a command file, you will probably find it useful to make comments in the file to document the steps of the command file. To include a comment in the command file, begin the line with an exclamation point (!) or //. DADiSP treats the ! and // and all text following these characters (on the same line as the comment character) as a comment. Although DADiSP ignores these comments, they will help you and your colleagues understand your command files long after they have been written.


Note: Since the exclamation point (!) indicates a comment, you cannot use it as a logical NOT in a command file. For example, !(W1 == 25) is a valid statement from the command line of an interactive DADiSP session, but, if used in a command file, it will be treated as a comment. Use the following statement in the command file to achieve the same result: NOT(W1 == 25).