Moving Around in a Menu


When a menu is first displayed, DADiSP automatically places the cursor on the first menu item. In a menulist (i.e., a menu that doesn’t accept input), use the [Up Arrow] and [Down Arrow] keys, the first letter of the menulist item, or the mouse to move the cursor to different menu items.  Select your choice by double clicking on the desired item, pressing [Enter], or clicking the OK button. Exit the menu by pressing the cancel button or the right mouse button.


In a dialog box or panel menu, use the [Tab] key to move from field to field.  When at an input field, use the [Up Arrow] and [Down Arrow] keys on the keyboard to display previous inputs.  To select a tab in a tabbed dialog box, simply click on the heading on the tab.  This will bring the associated dialog box to the foreground.  


Clicking on a radio button will select it and unselect the other buttons in the group of radio buttons.  Clicking on a down arrow button in a menu will display a list of options. Clicking on a checkbox will select or unselect it (toggling the current setting of the checkbox).