Including Comments and Displayed Lines


Comments, titles, and displayed lines of text are easily added to the menu file.  Edit the menu,, as follows.



// A Menulist with Title and Displayed Text

A Menulist Example

Calculate Something

Maximum ~MAX

Minimum ~MIN

Range   ~MAX-MIN


Notice the first two lines of the file begin with //. If a line of text begins with  // or !, it is a comment line. This means that //  or  ! characters and any text that follows it on that line are ignored by DADiSP, and therefore do not appear in the menu.


It is helpful to put the name of the menu file in a comment at the top of the menu for later identification and documentation purposes.  


To invoke the menu, use the command:




The menu appears in DADiSP as follows:



The first line of text that is not commented out and does not contain an @ or ~ symbol becomes the title of the menu.  The menu title appears in the banner at the top of the menu when it is invoked in the DADiSP Worksheet.  In this example, the menu title is:  A Menulist Example


Subsequent lines in the menu file that are not comments or menu commands will appear in the displayed menu as display text.  Lines of display text are not selectable by the cursor.  In this example, the text Calculate Something is displayed in the menu, but is not selectable by the user.


A line that does not contain any ~ characters is not selectable; it appears only as displayed text.