Creating Summary Display and Report Boxes


A DADiSP menu can calculate and display information. When you invoke a menu, DADiSP automatically calculates and displays any expression enclosed in braces {} that evaluates to a scalar value or string. For example, if you alter the previous menu ( by replacing the tilde (~) command characters with curly braces {}:



A Menu as a Report Box

Series Info

Maximum {MAX}

Minimum {MIN}

Range {MAX-MIN}

More Info ~menufile("")


the menu appears with the Maximum, Minimum, and Range values of the current Window displayed in the menu. The only item that can be selected is the More Info option.  The menu appears in DADiSP as follows:




Saving Information from a Report Form to a Text File


You can save the information presented in a menu to a text file by pressing [ALT]-[P] while the menu is displayed. Specify the destination filename at the prompt.