Macro Scope, Precedence, and Persistence


Macros are saved within Worksheets. When you load a Worksheet from disk, macros that were defined with that Worksheet are restored along with it. There is one exception to this rule: macros beginning with an underscore ( _ ) are temporary and are not saved with Worksheets.

Macros are inherited from Worksheet to Worksheet within the same DADiSP session. That is, any macros which are defined in the current Worksheet will persist and be merged into any subsequent Worksheet you load. If a newly loaded Worksheet contains a macro with the same name as a previously defined macro, the new Worksheet will overwrite the earlier macro. No warning message is displayed.

Whenever you create a new Worksheet, DADiSP loads a set of pre-defined macros. When you save a Worksheet, the list of current macros is saved as an integral part of the Worksheet. When you create a new macro, it is added to the current Worksheet's macro list. However, the macros that you define will be stored only within Worksheets saved during the current session, and will only be available in subsequent sessions when you load and enter that Worksheet. See the section "Working with Macro Files" for information on writing macro definitions to disk.