Listing Macros


To list the macros available in the current Worksheet, select Macros, List from the Tools pull-down menu. A list of the macro names, arguments, and macro expansions is displayed. You can use the mouse, the up and down arrow keys, and the [Page Up] and [Page Down] keys to highlight macro arguments and expansions in the macro sheet.




The macro sheet is a type of First In, Last Out list. That is, as you define macros, they appear at the top of the macro sheet, and all previously defined macros are "pushed" farther down the macro sheet. To move a macro to the top of the sheet, move to the row after which you want the macro to appear, press the [Insert] key, type the macro name and hit return. The macro sheet will refresh and the macro (with its defined arguments and expansion) will appear in the list at the specified location.