DADiSP's Pre-defined Macros


DADiSP provides a set of pre-defined macros. Some of these macros are built into DADiSP like ordinary functions, while others are automatically read from files at startup. The macros in the system.mac file, automatically read upon startup, work in conjunction with DADiSP's menu system to provide standard analytics and application control. You should not edit the macros in the system.mac file.

DADiSP also comes shipped with the macro files listed below. Most of these macros have been replaced by equivalent and more flexible SPL functions, however they are listed here for use in legacy routines. The documentation for all macros appears within the macro files. These files are located in the macros folder and can be loaded with the DSPMACREAD command.



Contains macros for 3 D plotting, including waterfall spectral plots; xy grids; and sombrero


Decimal digits; convert between signed and unsigned integers; convert among octal, decimal, and hex digits, and bytes, 16 bit integers, and 32 bit integers; byte float conversion; and byte folding.


Contains macros for series extraction, zooming, and point extraction using the cursors.


Contains macros for finding values that meet conditions and finding series embedded within other series.


Contains FFT related macros, including: frequency domain macros for convolution and correlation; time and frequency domain macros for spectral density and coherence; group delay; FFT padding; and two dimensional FFTs.


Contains macros for general looping operations.


Contains macros for elementary matrix operations; computation of row, column, and overall matrix statistics; generation of Toeplitz and Vandermonde matrices; and reshaping matrices.


Contains miscellaneous macros for quantization; complex series; precision; conditionals; and file output.


Contains macros for peak analysis.


Contains macros for performing Polar plot display and area calculations.


Contains macros for elementary series operations; converting between indices and x values; extracting points based on x values; computation of products and moduli; generation of straight lines; wrapping series right or left; embedding series or constants within series.


Contains macros for converting strings and ASCII codes.


Contains macros for converting times and dates between various formats.


Contains macros to generate and multiply series with a Blackman window and a flattop window.


Contains macros for regression, binning and area of xy series.